What is BeeV and how it works?

A BeeV is a cluster of bee colonies starting from 2 to thousands.

We have named it depending upon number of bee colonies. The first two levels are knows as micro BeeV (2 colonies to start with) and Macro BeeV that will have 3 to 10 colonies. From 11 colonies upwards it is known in the name of the fruit trees bees forage.

BeeV are cared and attended by the bee experts and bee enthusiasts registered under Global bee village platform

Several benefits are offered for encouraging BeeVs.

Our idea is not just having bees colonies but bee colonies that are healthy and are maintained with high hygiene standard.

The details of BeeV and its operation can be made available by sending an e-mail to Vazhakodan Govindan [vg@globalbeevillage.com] or Christian Vicente [cv@globalbeevillage.com]

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