How can you be part of this movement?

We are open to know how you want to, starting from what you want to. We envisage that you may like to be in any of the following categories:

  1. Investor: Is it a better return on your investment you are looking at? Investor partnership is ideal. Send mail or call us to know more.
  1. Is it you are looking for an involvement in your free time? (Volunteering – think of propagating bee values? You are entitled to get several benefits. We need a lot of you with perks provided based on merits of your service.
  1. Is that you are looking for a career in a ‘Bee Garden? which area? In what category?

Send us your job application with cv. It may take some time to process this and we again place importance on merit and your bee enthusiasm.

  1. Would you like to be an Associate?

Business associates are those who wants to partner with us in our growth creating a win win situation. We have several schemes and plans that will make our business associates extremely happy to be with us.

  1. Sponsors: Our sponsors are those who wants to be with us but does not have the time to spend for the great movement.

We have several sponsoring programs that will keep our sponsors busy, engaged and happy. We have awareness camps, events, school educational programs and many other.

Our sponsors get a great exposure of their support in our global platform and in the local bee garden.

  1. BeeV Developers:

Are you a bee expert or a bee keeper and help promote more bee colonies or start to have 2 colonies to 15000 colonies? You can influence your friends and relatives with ease – several benefits await you as BeeV developer.

  1. Advocators:

Would you like to introduce sponsors, associates and volunteers for the project? It is a free time bonus that will keep you busy and earning – and contributing.

  1. Social Service:

Are you a person who likes to do social service or connected with clubs and associations? Would you like to help poverty eradication in an area (village, country etc) and volunteer for that? Join our team and make your work easier and better.

  1. Service Provider:

Would you like to find a land for Bee Garden or find entrepreneurs, investors in an area you think a bee garden would be ideal?

We give total bee keeping solution to support local entrepreneurs with great return on investment

You get rewarded for every effort you make in helping us.

  1. Trainers:

Would you like to train & educate bee values to bee keepers, students and or help in creating awareness programs? A free time or full time engagement for you or your dear and close ones. Get paid for your work in your area or get deputed in other parts of the world.

  1. Machinery and instruments supplier:

If you are an expert in bee product making machinery, processing, instruments and packing would you like to get involved with us in that capacity to make your business better? We have schemes to promote and buy your products.

  1. Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurship independence is what we promote and support. Would you like to become a ‘bee entrepreneur’ in bee products (honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, bee venom, wax etc), value added goods with bee products (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products and so on setting up business, factories and service industries).We strongly support them with project reports, market research, latest technology, sales and more.

  1. Media and influencers:

Are you a writer, media person or influencer – you can join us to make more income with work from us promoting and supporting.

  1. Wellness professionals:

Wellness industry professionals can associate to have places in the Bee Garden and special bee products supply from us.

  1. Consumer:

Bee enthusiasts who likes bee products can register with us for getting bee products of quality delivered to their home regularly.

  1. Research scholars:

We have a lot of work to do in research. Join us to find wider areas of research with the bee keeping activities.

So you know what and where you will fit in. Let us know your taste and look out. If you find some other way, let us know that too.

We want you to be rich in thoughts and action for making you abundant and the people around you.

Let us make the world a better place with bees around.

For more information contact Vazhakodan Govindan [] or Christian Vicente []

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