Global Bee Village – Short Description

and become part of the worldwide project to save the bees!

What is Global Bee Village?

Global Bee Village is a worldwide community of bee lovers, companies and experts who are committed to help fighting against the alarming decrease of bee colonies around the world.

Global Bee Village is owned and operated by BeeValues, the company that coordinates and organize all the operations.


Bees are one of the most useful creatures for humankind. Domestication of bees started with the intention of easy access to honey. But today, bees are found to be essential for pollination and several bee products are recognized as highly valuable for humans.

According to a study by the NRDC ( $15 billion a year of crop in the US are pollinated by bees including apples, berries, cantaloupes, cucumbers, lucerne, and almonds.
US honey bees also produce about $150 million in honey annually.

BUT…42% of US bee colonies collapsed in 2015.

This is happening right now on a worldwide scale.

What is our plan?

Together, we are strong!

We help, on a worldwide level, all local initiatives that work towards expanding the amount of bee colonies by providing support, expertise, training, material, coordination and manpower.

Developing the “The total beekeeping solution”:
We start deploying beehives and bee colonies in farming communities around the world.

But it won’t stop there.
Training, adapted fertilizers (bio fertilizers), continuous support are provided to make each project a success.

The added value for the communities are:

  • Increased revenues as a result of higher crop yield due to a better pollination.
  • Extra revenues from the sale of the bee products.
  • Healthier environment with the use of bio fertilizers.
  • Better quality of life because of increased revenues.

All these actions are coordinated by BeeValues.

Meet the founders

Vazhakodan Govindan (VG) is a man of passion for bees.

With 4 decades of bee keeping experience, VG has done extensive research on bees and bee products and he is a well-informed veteran in this field.

VG strongly believe that bees are nature’s true doctor to serve humanity, plants and flowers. His great acumen on social responsibility make him stand out from the crowd.

VG’s responsibilities as a chemical engineer and coach made him serve thousands of entrepreneurs in the past and he continues to do it even in his late sixties now.

As an ardent nature lover, he is totally dedicated in preserving the ecosystem and vehemently articulates his dream to serve the global community with the bees as role model.


Christian Vicente (CV) is a PRINCE2 certified senior IT project manager and entrepreneur.

Update 09/2016: unfortunately, for professional reason, I can’t be part of the project anymore.
But this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the necessity of this project to fight the bee’s population decline and I trust the passion and drive of VG to successfully pursue this project.

 Our Team

To see the team that inspires Global Bee Village activities, make it move and act is here. See what they have to say.

Join us now
And become part of the worldwide project to save the bees!