We have several common questions asked by the public on what the Global Bee Village is and how people can get involved.
So we thought of putting them here to have ready answers for you instantly.
Questions not addressed here may be sent to Vazhakodan Govindan [vg@globalbeevillage.com] or Christian Vicente [cv@globalbeevillage.com]. We try to answer you in 24hrs, but depending on the workload, it might take a bit longer.
Let us deal with the questions here:

1. What is this Global Bee Village?
It is a global platform for bee experts and bee enthusiasts who makes a commitment to nature and ecosystem, just by a simple ‘process’ of ‘LOVING BEES’ and acting on it.
Mission: We act to mitigate the bee population decline that is happening around the world right now. We encourage and support bee keepers and take actions to have more bees for the world. We create awareness on bees and are committed to spread the word “I love bees” with positive feelings to have more healthy bees.
The Global Bee Village platform has already bee experts from 40 countries. More on the way in our target of 140 countries by end 2016.
Join us today. It is not only prestigious but also rewarding.
We are moving faster than we could think of as people understand the importance of bee values. We are thankful to infinite intelligence.

2. I am not a bee expert. Why should I join you?
You don’t need to be a bee expert to join us. If you know or want to learn bee values and willing to act in some way for the bees, you can be with us. We will teach and train you how you can act.

If you:
Do not want to close your eyes and make it night during the day and are willing to act by word, action or feelings even, you can be with us.
You can be from any background, country, village or city.
If you are a bee enthusiast using bee products, an entrepreneur who would like to thrive on bee product value addition, a job seeker, a bee equipment maker/supplier, a public influencer, a media person or even a student or housewife or retired person, you can join us to earn and make others earn making bees as role model.
It is the duty of every individual to see that he/she acts to mitigate the bee decline, propagate more bees by loving bees.
Together we can do a lot to save the bees that give us food and protect our Eco system.
The question we ask is: If you cannot do it, who else will?
Read our article on ‘Economic Bee Values’ on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/economic-bee-values-vazhakodan-govindan

Join our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/beevalues

3. Who can join the Global Bee Village community?
Anyone who feels he has ways to act to spread bee values and feels the need to protect bees.
Read more on how you can get involved (click here)

4. How do we implement bee values?
A registered company named ‘Bee Values’ is doing the implementation of the total solution in bee keeping.
Reach Bee Values company: info@beevalues.com
We act through Global Bee Village and through Bee Values.
In Global Bee Village we envisage sincere involvement of people to propagate and take it up further with practical creation of strategic bee colonies called ‘BeeV’ anywhere in the world with the active support of global bee village.
Read more about BeeV operations (click here)
Bee Values (BV)’s total bee keeping solution is implemented by Bee Cells that are being formed in Dubai first and then India, slowly spreading to other countries.

Read more on Bee Cells (click here)

5. What is Bee Garden?
We start a Bee Cell in Dubai known as ‘Bee Garden’.
Bee Garden is organic farm with apiaries in a piece of at least half a million sqft. of agricultural land with the support and initiative of local entrepreneurs. It is organic and ecofriendly with bee friendly fruits and flowers, organic fertilizers and biocides. It is a green community with solar lighting and bio degradable materials for construction. It promotes honey as sweetener and bee products as energizer.
It is a learning and awareness center; where all bee products are made available with apitherapy for wellness.
It has a museum of bees and bee hives.
It is a universal cultural center dedicated for bee services.

6. Why?
Because bees are essentially contributing for pollinating the food we eat; help maintain the ecosystem generating more plants, animals and birds. We believe bees can control the economy of a nation; Bee decline can lead a country to poverty in no time.

Bees can create abundance – more food, more entrepreneurs, more jobs, more energy for humanity.
There are a lot of things to learn and understand from bees.

“Let us make this world a better place with bees’ around.” we simply breed abundance though bees.

“Bees are nature’s doctor” – in every way bees perpetuate wellness

7. Whom should you contact for any further details?
Contact Vazhakodan Govindan [vg@globalbeevillage.com] or Christian Vicente [cv@globalbeevillage.com]

8. How will you get informed about our actions?
You will be notified through emails on all activities and we also post them on our website regularly.
Also, please follow our Facebook page and twitter account.