20 second tea with bee touch

Would you like to have a wonderful tea made within 20 second?

If you love tea, if you are passionate about drinking tea, whether it be self-made or spouse prepared or even from a hotel; it is rejuvenating experience.

A good friendship begins with a cup of tea. Relax!

So let us see how it is possible to make good tea with a bee touch and that too to make it an ever remembering exiting tea.
It reminds me of some tea stories and thoughts that I should put it in a few words:

How much a good tea should cost?
It costs as much as you value it and you can afford to. Tea costs as to where you are experiencing it. The environment makes it an experience by itself.

Have you noticed that Indian tea is something different from any other tea in other parts of the world? Well each tea tastes different but the one you like is the best for you.

I think for Indian tea preparation came from the habit of boiling water and making more out of the available tea dust. Or is it the scientific way? A dedicated tea pot with the tea stain all over it is a typical scenario of Indian tea makers. In South India we used to get a long ‘meter tea’ in olden times that a tea maker does with charm.

When I lived in Calcutta, so close to Darjeeling – the abode of tea – I had the experience of tasting varieties of teas, so different that I never had thought tea can be of so much different tasting.

The direct tender tea leaf plucked, dried, powdered and blended with several ingredients make a tea industry.
The Japanese ceremonial tea I tasted was something unique for they make special tea with lots of love when a ‘boy visits a girl’s house with his parents to fix the marriage’ The sound of drinking tea in this ceremonial tea tasting is something that resemble to the ‘great pudding’ spread after the feast in the banana leaf in Kerala where the sweet dish taken in bare hand is just sucked with big moth watering sound that make every taste bud in a human body speak of the ecstasy.

Food habits change over time to suit the need of time available.
Tea dust preferences have changed to limited brands that survived the test of time.
You know why we boil tea dust with water?

It splits the tea dust cells and gives off the aroma. Indian tea is made adding some spices too and it is called Masala tea. It is a great treat!
The tea in Calcutta train used to be something novel.

The tea vendors come and serve tea in virgin earthen cup and the masala tea taste varies from vendor to vendor. Some people become addicted to that special tea. The best part of it is the tea once poured in the earthen cup, the tea takes the earth smell too and it becomes a mineral tea. Wah…it is marvelous to taste such a tea.

I started making tea as a child in my uncles’ tea shop in a village
I get up at 4 am and do a lot of work in the tea shop ‘hotel’. I used to enjoy tea making.
Today I make a variety of teas’ with bee-touch.

With bee products – honey, pollen, propolis and wax, tea is different and phenomenal.
Different honey – honey from different bees, flowers, places and trees – make unique sweetening and aroma to tea.
My project ‘Bees for us’ also give unique opportunity for everyone to taste the honey in its original flavor in your favorite tea.

Hey, I just made it a month ago.
I have been making Indian tea with lots of fuss with the tea dust in water and boiling it but most of the time failing miserably in the ‘timing of cooking’.

But I do not do it any more now. I invented a unique tea preparation technique that can be followed even by a small boy.
I named it ‘20 second tea’ as it is made just in 20 seconds.

The 20 second tea is a time saving and money saving one that I want each and every one you reading this would like to enjoy.

I am going to give this unique recipe to all those who contribute $20 to the ‘Bees for us project’. There are more things in honey and bees and my project is to breed more bees for the world so that we have them enough for pollination of our crops.
Here is the site: https://igg.me/at/beecare/x/14601028

bees face extiction

Go to this link and make a contribution to support the project. There is something an exceptional gift waiting for every contributor however small the contribution is.
The link is here for you again so that you don’t skip it
It is your support that makes the project possible. Together we can do a lot than alone. Let us make this world a wonderful place with more bees around.

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