Save Honey Bees From Extinction.

We need to save honey bees from extinction.

save honey bees

How can one do that as the bees might sting? When one does not know how to keep honey bees?  Let us see how that possible.

Bees getting declined for over 10 years now is a serious threat to humanity.

Can you imagine a beautiful forest area turning to be a desert? When bees are not there, there can be no greens; no birds, no animals.  It simply is desert

So let us save bees.

Let us do it by educating our fellow beings on bee values

Let us do it by creating awareness in the farming community

Let us help mitigate bee decline by hygienic bee keeping

Let us breed more bees, have more bees for the world


Bees are for just eradicating poverty and create abundance.

Bees are to create abundance by more crop.

Let us have more bees for pollination.



Bees declining is disturbing the whole world; one and all.

When we developed science, did we forget about nature?

We made science to innovate and find new things to ease our life.

In search of comfort we forgot comfort of our eco-supporters and helpers.

We are driven to focus on communication comfort, commutation comfort, personal comfort and even in honey extraction comfort.

Bees are yet to be loaded with this communication devices and commutation gadgets, pollen distributors etc. Until we have a robotic bee that goes for nectar collection and then honey production, we have to depend bees for honey too. Even when we have such robots, our natural bees are still going to be superior in innumerable ways.


We find apps being created in thousands every second. Apps on games, apps on finding food, apps on keeping engaged, apps on easing on what we ever we do.

Why not part of our energy be channeled to find why bees are going extinct and give solutions for that?


Can we live when bees go extinct?

Not only that our super markets will have no colorful fruits, we are going to have scarcity of whatever we eat, when bees go extinct.

Our earth temperature will go up as we will have less of vegetation.

Our ecosystem will perish.

Our water will deplete.

Our climate will change.

We will have to seek the support of science for sending us to mars for a pile of water. Today in a typical village we can see a large line of people waiting for getting water from deep wells. Tomorrow we are going to see large line waiting to go to Mars for a bath!

If we don’t take responsibility of preserving our bees on earth, who else will?


Let us make a big buzz to see that our children are properly educated about bee values.

Bees are not just for honey, they are a must for pollinating and producing fruits and nuts for us. When there are no bees, we cannot even have our morning coffee.


Bees we need.


Let us create awareness about bee values in our farming community. A large number of bees are killed just by ignorance; ignorance that bees do not get affected by insecticide spraying. Insecticides have become a part of agriculture protection and farmers are not fully aware of the role bees play in pollination. They simply kill other insects that spoil their crop. In that effort large number of bees too get killed.

Let our farmers be aware that bees are essential and should be protected for their own benefit. In fact behind the hard work and effort of every farmer there is a bee silently contributing?


Breeding more bees, more and more bees is a must for the whole world. Bees alone can increase the crop yield several times. Scientific studies on various crops have proven that bees can increase the crop from 30% to 700%. Tell this to our farmer friends and let them evaluate.

Let our Governments approve each farmer having a bee colony as a ‘modern farmer’. Awards and special incentives should be given to all such farmers who will have at least a one bee colony per acre of land they possess.


Let there be total bee keeping solution provided for every farmer; every bee keeper.

Let there be more of urban bee keeping to make the urban trend in tune with the “urbanization”


Apiculture incubation farm is all meant to do this and more.

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