What makes us different?

Why are we different?
What is the difference in us?
How different are we?

bee different

We make a big difference in the bee world from just bee enthusiasts. We are committed to save bees and help create more bees with pragmatic approach and in the real world.

  1. We are global while being local
  2. We support bee entrepreneurs strongly where ever they are.
  3. We create more job opportunities in the bees world
  4. We practice and propagate hygiene bee management and not just bee keeping for honey
  5. We reach out for ‘total bee keeping Solution adhering to strict local standards and law of a country
  6. We are committed not only in saving bees but in adopting and breeding more bees with prevalent and non- prevalent methods.
  7. We are a group of experts to provide expertise/advise in the bee world
  8. We reach out for value addition of every bee enthusiast.
  9. Our experts are extremely busy in enhancing bee technology for the best of bee keeping practices.
  10. Our Bee Villages called ‘BeeV’s are spreading comprehensively and Total Beekeeping Solution ‘Bee Cell’ are born for growth of local bee keepers, bee enthusiasts, research scholars and everyone in the farming sector.
  11. We have in-built sustainable system that works for bee welfare and individual growth.
  12. We work on horizontal growth that motivates every bee enthusiast to be self-sufficient, self-dependent, self-growing and performing for the best of humanity.
  13. Our platform has the best bee experts to solve any of the bee world challenges online and at actual working site.
  14. Global Bee Village is totally dedicated to every bee enthusiast to create bee value awareness in public starting from grass root level to the action centers – the bee managers that work with real of natural environment.
  15. We start operating from a country that has the world’s record of many firsts and that showed the effect of possibility thinking to the world.
  16. We keep in touch with 200 countries ‘swarm’ resources (human) living in UAE
  17. We are strong with the best participation and involvement in Apitherapy connected wellness industry.
  18. We form the first ‘Apiculture Incubation Farm in Dubai.
  19. We visualize a ‘Bee Garden’ in Dubai with participants for global bee enthusiasts and associates.
  20. We introduce urban bee keeping in Dubai with more of stingless bees.
  21. We have conceptualized a ‘Bee Clock’ and other power generating as well as cooling systems that works on bee hive energy and is being developed that enhances the bee values.
  22. We are special. We make a lot of difference in the bee world.
    Let us work to make this world a better place with bees around

See all about our Bee Cell and BeeV operations that makes it practical.

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