Placement in Bees World

Do you know how you get placed and paid in Global Bee Village for sparing your time?

We have innovated ‘ways and means’ of supporting bee enthusiasts.

get paid

Just join Global Bee Village and contact

Tell your story and how you want to be paid.

We want to know:

  • What you do. (It won’t be disclosed to anyone)
  • What is your skill set in promoting bee values? (Entertainer, Video grapher, artist, event maker, performer, community leader, influencer, free lancer, blogger etc with the  practicing years.)
  • What you want to know about bees?
  • What you know about bees
  • How many hours you can spare in a day?
  • How many hours you can contribute in a month and in a year.
  • In which part of the world you are? (city and country.)
  • Would you like to be a full time entrepreneur if given a chance?
  • Tell us what you like in Global Bee Village.

Become a partner without investing a fortune.

It is for you.

It is not a scam; it is happening.

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