Bee Village (BeeV) calling you

Our concept of bee villages around the world is unique! Bee Village = BeeV is calling you and whispering you to be responsible citizen.

It is not bee culture alone; it is not bee keeping for survival. It is a sustainability pragmatic approach to mitigate bee decline and increase bee population.

It is independent of boundaries and it is the real ‘hygiene beekeeping’ propagating bee values, adding colonies for which you get remunerated in very many ways.

It is 24/7 operating bee colonies buzzing with bees owned by individuals who cares bees.

We call it ‘BeeV’ the short form of Bee Village. How many bee colonies make a bee village? What is a bee colony?

You know a bee colony consists of tens of thousands of worker bees busy and engaged in pollination, making honey and other bee products.

Bees are true ‘natures’ doctor’ and every sting you get from a bee is of value to you, to your health and wellness. They are not your enemies. They don’t charge you a fee for their treatment to you. The bee sting alleviate your body pain due to vein disorder, fat accumulation and is a cure for cancer and migraine like chronic problems humans have.

The BeeV colonies are nourished and cared properly to be healthy. They are cared for pests, and diseases. They are looked after for being killed by insecticides and pesticides. They are cared as your own. They are nation builders. Having a BeeV is a clear direct indication that you are a national contributor. You can be proud of that.

Bees simply create abundance.

Anyone can have a BeeV. Even people living in urban areas.

Start with 2 colonies and you can say you have a ‘Micro BeeV’

When two grows up to 9 it is called ‘Macro BeeV’. That is what most can go in the beginning.

BeeV start

From 9 and up it is known in the name of fruit trees that bees pollinate.

Here is how it goes after 9:

10 number bee colonies  owning bee village is “Avocado BeeV “

11 to 20: Rambutan BeeV

21 to 30: Apple BeeV

31 to 40: Blue Berry BeeV

41 to 50: Lychee BeeV

51 to 100: Grape BeeV

101 to 200: Orange BeeV

201 to 400:  Peach BeeV

401 to 800: Mango BeeV

800 to 1500: Apricot BeeV

1501 to 5000: Almond BeeV

5001 to 15,000: strawberry BeeV

15001 and above: Cherry BeeV

BeeV for 10 colonies +

Let us respect the fruit trees that nourish us and also bees that make the flowers turn to fruits.

How BeeVs can be made and who guide them?

You can do it. We at Global Bee Village (GBV) guide you and support you.

GBV provides technical support and consultancy (and direct physical supports where Bee Cells are operating) as well as arrange bee awareness and educational programs.

GBV aims to promote one million bee colonies globally in the first year, double in the 2nd year (2 million), and again doubling it every year (4M in the 3rd year and so on).

Guide lines on bee hygiene and bee management practices shall be given to BeeV implementing individuals or groups.

GBV do not make a conflict or contradict any prevailing bee keeping practices and our aim is only to add value for better bee keeping practices for better bee health and better bee products with the goal to have sustainability and long term increase in bee population.

Bee Cell in each location is directed to support your entire activities. When BeeV are large enough they get opportunity to form Bee Cell in their area or there may come a Bee Cell by other entrepreneurial channels.

If you are a bee enthusiast/bee keeper, please do write to us with your activities and we will explain how to involve and prosper with Bee Cell and BeeV activities.

There are a number of ways how you get advantage when you are accepted in any range of BeeV said above.

They include a chance to win even a free ticket to Dubai for Expo2020.
We have a number of incentives and promotional offerings awaiting those who wants to spread BeeV and act to make Bee Cell

Contact Join Global Bee Village without fail. It is for you; it is for everyone who lives and who wants to live. It is for a better tomorrow.
Without bees, we have no existence.

Please put your comments and ideas below for us to improve our thoughts and ideas. Sharing is a great contribution to create awareness.

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