‘Bee Cell’ Operations

What is Bee Cell and how it provides total solution for bee keeping?

How it is of support to entrepreneurs?

Bee  cell is a company formed by entrepreneurs, for the entrepreneurs . It is a local company formed by local entrepreneurs for the proposed bee values propagation operations.

A Bee Cell is an abode for entrepreneurs where apiary is set and bees are bread.

It is an institution where bee architects are molded.

It is a place where the best of nature’s products like honey, royal jelly, pollen, and propolis are all made available by the untiring efforts of worker bees and entrepreneurs.

We at Global Bee Village proposes hundreds of Be Cells around the globe for entrepreneurs who are willing and ready to serve, earn and profit contributing to local developments thus working for the national welfare.
Bee Cell company holding entrepreneurs are graded better for the type of contributions they make.

Who knows? Tomorrow all ‘Bee Cell’ operators might be totally exempted from paying tax in their nation as they are pure nation builders, creating more of entrepreneurs and job opportunities.

Our concept of Bee Cell is just novel.

Bee Cell entrepreneurs are supported by the Global Bee Village promoting your local company in every respect.
This support from Global Bee Village is the most valuable asset you ever get for promoting all the activities you think in the Bee Cell along with us.
The flow diagram below is how the Bee Cell is formed.
Bee Cell Flow Diagram

Bee Cell formation Flow Diagram image
The mind map below is about all the proposed activates that would make the Bee Cell buzz with bees all the time.

Bee Cell Activities

Bee Cell activities.

Bee Cells control pesticides being sprayed.
As Bee Cells create more bees and save bees, the people themselves stand for protecting it. It becomes a national movement.

Bee Cells give total support to bee enthusiasts around the Bee Cell premises by promoting BeeVs that starts and operates with 2 bee colonies (micro BeeV) to 10 colonies (Macro BeeV) and then multiplying it to hundreds and thousands known in the name of fruit trees bees forage. Almond BeeV shall be having over 15000 bee colonies.

Yes, Bee Cells will breed bees and propagate bee values.

Bee Cells are the agriculture aid center with bio fertilizers and biocides. It services the farming community.

Bee Cell does greenhouse farming that shows and encourages pollination by bees

Bee cell is a sales counter with lots of bee products of various plant origin catering bee plants and saplings.

Bee Cell provides pollination by itself and service as pollinators.
It does the local servicing of urban and interior beekeeping.

It is a place of apitherapy/aroma therapy, the best known of natural treatment centers.

All these provide multiple ways of income generation for the sustainability of the project by the entrepreneurs. We add further value to it by signing an agreement to take back all the products Bee Cell make and help market it. Bee Cell is promoted, managed and guided locally and internationally by Global Bee Village.

We fully assist Bee Cells with technology, expertise, machinery, tools, bees and all bee values multiplication.
We have implicit manuscript and exemplary visionary plans for Bee Cell that deliver total bee keeping solution. It is to imbibe unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs and produce abundance for a nation.
All your enquiries may please be sent to vg@globalbeevillage with cc to bees4people@gmail.com

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