Bee calendar for bee management.

I would call upon all beginner bee keepers and those who want to go for bee keeping to clearly understand the importance of bee calendar before they start bee keeping and practice bee management as a lot of the beekeeping operations depend upon seasonal changes in a region you work with bees.

Say, you know everything about bee biology. You know hive practices. You know how to take honey.
You start bee keeping but fail to understand how every season bring changes.
You manipulate bee colony but things don’t happen as you wish. You read a different story from elsewhere in another part of the world. Whatever you try, things fail. Challenges lead to colony loss. And you think bee keeping is tough. Why?

The simple reason is you fail to see the season and bee calendar. You have not taken time to understand the bee calendar. It is like a farmer not knowing what the plant needs during its development and what the plant needs in changing seasons.

Seasons vary a lot in different parts of the world in a year. I fail to understand why not someone make a bee year or our years are with lots of variations in temperature. Our years should have been just three or four months duration so that we could have called them summer year, winter year, spring year, autumn year, raining year or so. But some countries will have more months for a year of that type or some less years. It is complicating for a normal man to understand the complication of changes a season can bring.

When there is change in season human beings get cold, cough, flue or body pain to serious health problems. Ayurveda that advocates herbal treatment for diseases of human beings suggest seasonal treatments. Some diseases are treated in the rainy season while others in summer. There is even specific food for each season for human being.

Do the modern beekeepers know about that? They eat a lot of junk food and simply eat what they get served in hotels and restaurants. It leads to bad health.

So you take care of yourself by eating proper food that is need for a season and so do the bee management in a particular season.

Bees need good treatment or bee management depending upon seasons of the year. Care them properly means you need to know the bee calendar.

The bee management practices are based on the season of flowering of various plants, the sun movement, the cold and heat outside the hive. So bee hive needs to be good enough to have a good effect for bees inside.

Bee hive protection is bee protection.
Hive manipulation is bee behavior and conditions monitoring.
A bee keeper is a bee scientist who feels the bee pulses and acts to their need.

The importance of quality hive with enough ventilation is of utmost importance in bee management. The material of hive, the thickness of the hive wall, its insulating properties all play a big role in bee management when you look at the season’s point of view. Or else, the bees suffer or die.

Reducing cost of bee keeping by buying or choosing bad hive can make your complete bee keeping a failure as seasons can kill your bees or bring in diseases and parasites.

Bees need care when you domesticate bees and put them in your control and management. Bees were to live in the thick wood holes or in the rock to control the temperature of their house. When you take care of them you need to give them enough care to make them yield more bee products and improve the bee values.

Feeding the bees in the spring, inspection and observation of the hive periodically at the right time in the season, stocking the hive when bees control their colony growth when the queen stops laying egg are very crucial and that a beekeeper makes during, the approach and vanishing of a season.

Bee hygiene is a practical and pragmatic approach to bee health and sustainability in bee management. The seasons make it more demanding.

As new beekeepers often fail to learn this, a collective approach was making bee keeping more interesting and worthwhile bee entrepreneurship that can bring additional income and support for the ecosystem. The modern bee keeper is in immediate access to information but failing to understand the season can put him in difficult situation.

I find this site on beekeeping calendar quite informative for beginners to further understand the practices one should know before one begin beekeeping.

Let us have more bees to make this a world a better place with bees around.

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    1. vgnair Post author

      It is simple that any beekeeper in your locality knows unless you are thinking of some modern apps.
      You know that it is all dependent on your seasons of flowering and no flowers, as simple as that.

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