Save a bee, Adopt a bee, Breed a bee.


save a bee

Save a bee

Bees are killed in mass by ignorance.

Why? Because people are scared of bees. Often bees are mistaken for wasps that sting to cause undue pain in the body.

Even though bees sting only when disturbed, bees get attracted to light and is often an irritation in the open for people not used to bees.

Bee sting on the other hand are highly beneficial for human being proven by several scientific studies. Apitherapy has become a great human savor medicinal wing.

But what happens when bees are in open and 90% do not know whether it is a bee or a wasp? What happens when they do not know bee values? They stop thinking.

People consider it as a harmful insects and kill them in mass.

Let the bees in open areas bee saved.

They are swarms that has split from a colony and such bees are homeless and they are really in the lookout of a good shelter.

It is we who can save them.

Let us rehabilitate each swarm we find before someone take a drastic step of killing them.

Create the awareness on bee values – it is bees that which work for us to pollinate our food crops. We need them. We have to save them.

We are building a tool by which anyone can inform us when they find a swarm and we swing into action.

People with innovative ideas can contact us.

People with facilities can inform us.

Entrepreneurs interested to involve can contact us by joining Global Bee Village.

We are committed to save bees in any place and any location.

Adopt a bee

Bees need care, care with love.

They need water. Bees need plenty of water in summer; to cool themselves and to cool their house. To cool and keep their younger ones in the brood chamber lest they die.

We can give them water even if you do not have your own bee keeping. You can create a bee waterer just with a shallow vessel with some pebbles in that and water poured to make the bees sit on pebbles and drink water. Bees cannot sit direct on water for they drown. So pebbles help them not to drown.

If you have your own bee hives with bees, ensure they get plenty of water in summer. Let them not fly too far for water fetching. It is undue stress for them.

Also, they need food when they don’t have natural nectar. Pollen is an essential food that bees need. Feed them if they don’t have it. Reserve pollen and honey in your hive for the bees in the off season and especially in the cold weather when bees can’t go out.

A bee keeper is one who can do all the care the bees need. You too can learn it. Find a bee keeper in your area and learn. It is just like you look after your children. Care with love; loving as they are your own.

We at Global Bee Village have several programs to adopt bees through volunteering and in our own farm care.

If you have an idea, please let us know. If you have a farm let us know.

If you have a thought, please share it to make it practical.

Entrepreneurs interested to involve can contact us by joining Global Bee Village.

We are continuously learning to find new ways of protecting bees and help mitigating bee decline that is happening all over the world.

This is the time any bee lover can spring into action and make it a project for sustainability and evolution. We, the global bee experts join you in preserving the bees and adding more to it.

Breed a Bee

Bee breeding is a natural process unless you want to do it by controlled means.

During the honey flow season, when more bees are produced in the colony, the colony generate a queen or queens and the new queen/queens need a colony of its own.

Learn to identify your queen as a first step.

Learn to identify the queen cell that stands out.

Learn to be bee friendly. It is just 1,2,3 and you can master it.

It is easy to make another colony when bee breeding happen. Give them a new house and it grows to be a big colony. It is fun and it pays. It is a support you give for your community, your nation.

It is just by loving bees you learn the art of bee breeding. There is high scope for dong a breeding farm as we need thousands of bee colonies in the coming days. We plan to deploy one million bee colonies within a year.

Bee breeders are needed.

Bee colonies are needed.

Bee breeding artisans are required by us.

Entrepreneurs interested to involve can contact us by joining Global Bee Village

Just go to this link clicking on that and fill up the simple form in few seconds; you are in.

It is your pathway to a better world of bees and bee entrepreneurship.


Register yourself in the Global Bee village to learn the art of creating bee awareness and learn to help the world have more bees. Our commitment to mitigate bee decline is simply practical and pragmatic down to the core.

Join us to mitigate bee decline by being part of Global Bee Village. It is just working together being independent.

It is a global platform of bee enthusiasts and bee experts.

We create jobs, bee entrepreneurship programs though out the world.

We need people everywhere.

We need more people to be in the process.

It is building a global enterprise with people participation.

Bees are worth the attention Bee values are deeper. Let us mine the bee values deeper.

Spread the news by joining and liking

Let us make the world a better place with more bees around.

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