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vgnair   June 8, 2016   3 Comments on Bee Purpose

Bee purpose is with an aim; and we know there is a purpose behind every action.

The purpose trigger action.

The purpose generate thoughts and thoughts give the stamina and energy for us to do things that we want.

The purpose thought is the seed for the entire action. It is generated from the subconscious mind and transferred to the conscious mind. The conscious mind makes the brain storm in the subconscious mind and most probably some of us are not told what the subconscious mind is doing. It silently works for the action programs within us.

Haven’t you notices at times you are struck and become inactive. Also, you become bored and frustrated at times; you become irritated and angry at times. Why?

Three is a purpose for that. The body is deriving more of positive energy from the negativity too. The negativity can charge the subconscious mind as we know from several examples like what happened to Mohammed Ali, the great boxing champion the world has ever seen.

So let them cry. Let them be angry. Let them be frustrated. Let them be moody at times. We will bear everything for the positive things that can happen.

Is the sleeping that we make too is with a purpose? Rejuvenation of energy is a purpose. The unconscious state of rest contributes to energy retention.
Haven’t you seen the bees fly and not crawl like the ants and tortoise?

The bees fly for a purpose.

That is not to frighten you but with the aim to reach the flowers or way back its home. They fly as fast as 25 km per hour and visit at least 100 flowers in one go. To make one pint of honey they have to go to 5 million flowers. One pound of honey production makes the bee visit 5 million flowers!
They are the bee purpose for which they are designated by nature.

The bees pollinate so much in the effort to collect nectar and that bees seldom get rest. The result?
The get worn out and die in two months’ time. Don’t you feel sad about it?
Fortunately, the bees in the colony are replaced continuously with the high productivity of queen that lays as much as 3000 to 5000 eggs in a day.
The queen needs stronger daughters to look after the work of the palace, the younger ones, the cleaning and the bringing in of water, nectar, pollen and resinous substances from plants. Bee house made of wax is secreted only by the younger worker bees and new houses are made continuously by them.
Bee purpose does not end there. They are continuously engaged and work for their generations.
We humans get so much from bees that bee values are more than just honey and pollination.
Let us learn the art and purpose of life from bees.
The purpose by which nature works in rhythm is to maintain the ecosystem.

The Global Bee Village is in a buzz with lots and lots of bee experts and bee keepers.

It is like swarms that people from all over the globe join us. When can you see them?
We soon shut the entry gate and you can see all of them in colors!
That too is with a purpose.
We are putting efforts to mitigate the bee decline that is of great concern for the whole world. We are working to create more bees than it is declining. We are practicing hygiene bee keeping that can control all the bee pests, diseases, and provide healthy bees.

Our purpose of writing this is to create awareness that we need more bees and we provide total solution for bee keeping encouraging entrepreneurs in the field not only in bee keeping but also taking back all the products and generating further entrepreneurship from the bee products. Our support to all of them is with a purpose of creating more employment opportunities and more entrepreneurs.

Let us make the world a better place with more bees around us.
Join us in any level. Write to us for more deatils than that you don’t find in FAQ in the Global Bee Village to

3 thoughts on “Bee Purpose

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  2. Mahina Arefin

    Noted and thanks. Poor and very poor women in Bangladesh mainly who are landless can be a purposeful bee keeper.
    Please inform what support is possible.

    1. vgnair Post author

      Good to know that you want to help poor women. At present we do not have any schemes to promote them as bee keepers immediately. It is the Govt of your country or some charitable organizations to come up and educate them if at all they are to do bee keeping. We also suggest you make a list of them and find a leader who can guide them? Send it to us with the location name. We may find a bee keeper in your area who can be of support to them.

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