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Invitation from Global Bee Village






VGNair & Christian Vincente invites you personally for your presence here.

It is a warm invitation with hearty feelings.

Invitation to work together. It is all about bees!

Did you see this platform Global Bee Village?
If not, please do have a look now.

We, Global Bee Village, have great pleasure to invite

you to join in the fabulous platform.

It is an initiative by like minded people to mitigate global bee decline and to have more bees.

Don’t you feel as a bee keeper you want to be a part of this?

So feel free to join in the site by adding your name and telling what expertise you have in bees’ filled.

Visit the site to know more on what benefits you get and how you can involve and activities.

You can always write to me if you have a question.

Bee Enthusiast.

Chemical Engineer, Entrepreneur, Coach
Skype: vgnair90

Dubai, UAE.

Bee Experts and Bee Keepers Wanted!

Experts in the field of bees as Bee Keeper, Bee breeder, Bee Hygiene Advocator, Bee hive innovator, scientist, trainer, special bee product formulator, researcher, inventor, apitherapy specialist, wellness coach, etc. are all welcome to join us.

We need your time and services for our work all over the world.

Decent return for services you offer.

We welcome you to join us
Together we can do a lot than what we can alone.

The platform gives you opportunity
• To get to know others in the field
• To discuss and evolve solutions for common problems
• To share thoughts and ideas
• To market yourself and your products
• To implement technology
• To help support others in the field
• To offer consultancy and earn income
• To teach and train others
• To propagate bee values
• To get noticed what you do
• To travel around the world and meet bee friendly people
• To learn what you do not know yet
• To feel the warmth and spirit of the global bee community
• To produce more of what you do and encourage others to do
• To widen your work area
• To help us help you to earn more.

Join by filling up the form right below:

Who can join the Global Bee Village community?
 Anyone who is willing to act, spread the "bee values" and feels the need to protect the bees are welcome to join us.

You don't need to be a bee's expert.
 It can be spreading the word to your friends, starting beekeeping, invest in the project... Any actions you are able or willing to do.

If you are a bee enthusiast, using bee products, an entrepreneur who would like to start a business based on bee products value addition, a job seeker, a bee equipment maker/supplier, a public influencer, a media person or even a student, a housewife or a retired person, you can join us and benefit by having the bees as a role model.

Together, we can do a lot to save the bees that give us food and protect our eco system.
Your privacy is important for us! We will never communicate your contact information to third parties. Your information is transmitted over a secure connection to avoid any interception.
At least 7 characters please!

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