Bee Income Sources

Bee Entrepreneurs support the breeding of more bees. But it is an added source of income for the family.

Bee entrepreneurs can begin small and grow big or can start big too.

It is just very easy to become a bee entrepreneur. Any one can be a bee entrepreneur irrespective of the experience or skill set he/she has.

It is not only in just bee keeping but in any field related to bee. There are a number of them that you can think of.

Let me list few of them for you to have a look.

Bee Income Sources

Beehive full (Bottom board, Brood chamber, Honey chamber,and cover with frames making – a number of types are there
Bee hive Frames
Bee hive wax foundation
Bee hive Queen excluder
Beehive bottle feeder
Bee hive flight board
Bee hive separaton board
Bee hive queen rearing cups and frames
Bee hive nucleus boxes
Bee hive transporting services
Bee hive insulation
Bee hive for purpose
bee keeping tools and accessories manufacture
bee product extraction machinery
Bee product packaging industry
Bee products value added menus and items
Bee products of commercial value and importance

Apitherapy in apiculture
Apiculture ornamental

Apiculture monitoring tools and instruments
Testing and grading machinery for bee products
Trasport of bees for pollination or other

Storage of bee products
Preservationof bee products

Training and setting up of bee colonies
Urban bee keeping

Bee research
Bee product research

Bee breeding
Species of bees collection

Bee workshops and events
Bee photography
Bee vidography
Bee paintings
Bee books publishing
Bee cartoons and pictures
Bee wall paper

Bee watering curios
Bee museum for houses
Bee hive for educational and awareness programs

Bee disease medicine manufacturing
Bee food preparation

Bee movies and stage shows
Bee towels and table sheets
Bee presentation article
Bee pots and cups
Bee Tshirts

Bee music
Bee entertainments
Bee drive for children

Bee product shops

Bee product online sale

Bee clock

Bee keeping service
Bee removal service
Bee care service

Bee propagation
Queen breeding
Queen mating
special Honey making
Royal jelly making
Bee Venom making
Bee pollen collection
Bee propolis collection
Bee wax collection
Bee wax prodoucts

Bee spirits
Bee medicine for human
Honey beverages

Bee Garden with exciting features.

Bee Plants and Flowers nursery

There can be more based on your imagination and taste

Which one you want to start?

Tell us we can be of support in everyway including marketing

Go and join Global Bee Village today. It is open for entrepreneurs – make an additional income or regular income business with bees and helping nature preserve more bees.

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