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  1. vgnair Post author

    Go there right away and Join.
    Click Home button and you see the ‘Join” blue button.

    We need volunteers all over the world.
    We are growing faster!
    We want to make it still faster.

    You can volunteer.
    Every one can do it.

    Your volunteer-ship is an entry pass to all the careers and facilities you will enjoy at the Global Bee Village.

    We need volunteers in Schools and communities.

    Anyone can do it.
    Housewives, Retired and working people
    Teachers and students
    Professionals and media people
    Bee keeprs and non-bee keepers

    Do propagate in several ways.
    Telling a word to your close friend
    Telling a word to your community people
    Telling a word to your social circle

    Go to face book page

    and ‘like’ our page

    Go to G+ and share to spread it

    Go to Pintrest and create a buzz in your circle to share more of it

    There is place and there are people to tell about it anywhere.

    Because bees are on decline and we should do something.

    If you can’t who can?

    Just tell people to go to Global Bee Village and join.

    We will train them how they can do it?

    why they do it?

    How they do it?

    what benefit they get when they work?

    We work with you. together we can do a lot as individual.

    We value your contributions and support to fight against bee decline and breed more bees.

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