Bee Entrepreneurship

Be a bee entrepreneur and make a life of your own. It is interesting, worthy and profitable.
All the required skill can be sharpened out within you in no time. We will support every entrepreneur who has zest to succeed.

Do you know what it means when it is a bee enterprise? We take you step by step what you should know and how you can.
A bee enterprise revolves round bees and its activities. So let us see what a bee keeper does?

Bee keepers
A beekeeper keeps bees for pollination and bee products. Bee keeping has grown to be a highly profitable industry with value addition to community.

Bee keeping is no more just a hobby for honey. It is a gold mine of opportunities for people in all walks of life. It is an additional source of income that you would love to have.
A bee keeper is proud of himself or herself for he/she is the most respected person with the bees around him/her.

He/s he is one who contributes to the economy of the nation. The wealth of a country is directly related to the bee colonies in that country. The bee keeper is one who gets you food on the table for it is the bees that pollinate most of the food crops.
The bee keeper has a large role in maintaining the ecosystem. It is his care and diligence that keeps the bees happy and free from diseases, pests, insects and predators of the bees. Bee keeper helps in promoting more bees and maintain the colony strength by timely support to bees.

Bees love to work and each bee is always ‘busy like a bee’ especially when it is honey flow season.

It is a sad thing that bees are getting extinct due to diseases unknown and known as well as unbearable stress from environment. Bee keepers need to be alert and vigilant to protect their bees.

There is a great relation between the bees and the bee keeper. For a bee keeper the bees are valuable like their children. The death of bees make them sad and inactive. It takes lots of time and effort for making of a colony strength of 10 to 50,000 and when they find it is dead or diseased creates a lot of emotional vibrations that takes time to heal. Some stop bee keeping just because their colony could not be maintained and they lose interest due to productivity obstacles they face.
Pesticides are a great danger for bees. Most of the farmers do not recognize the need of bees for pollination.

It is very difficult to stop insecticide spraying as insecticides help them farmers save their crop from diseases and pests and pesticides are to live in this world like plastics. People know the benefit and comfort of using it. The higher profit is entrepreneurship evaluation at the end. Can you think of telling the farmers that they spread insecticides at night when the bees are asleep? Is it a feasible proposition?

We need the bee keepers to be alert when the insecticide spray is happening nearby.

Bees are continuously endangered by various ways and bee keepers struggle to make a direct profit most of the time.
By direct profit I mean the honey part as that is the one which the normal farmer expects a return. He doesn’t see the pollination side. It is up to the society to teach them the importance of pollination by bees.

They will learn when it is told by a loving and caring neighbor.
See how you can influence them by ‘giving’ than ‘taking’ only.
Bee farmers are gentle and clean at heart.


Do you know what enterprises you can do with the bee products?
There are plenty of them.

Think of novel ideas that can make a great market penetration. Even in the most common ideas of local importance you can make something different.

1. You can value add with honey for any drink and can make several drinks of choice of local community. It has a huge market in cities of choice. Verities of honey available for this.
2. Packing honey in easy to use form for children can make a great enterprise.

3. You can add Honey with almost all bakery products to make it delicious. A honey added brand can fetch more money.

4. Creamed honey can find a great place on the dining table

5. Honey coated nuts are highly liked and sold at fantastic value.

So you can find many of them either for a livelihood or for a great profitable business.

Always keep hygiene and use pure honey.

You can also think of focusing on other bee products manufacturing or add value for products from those bee products – like:
o Royal jelly
o Bee Venom
o Pollen
o Propolis
o Wax

There can be so many novel ideas and thoughts on bee enterprises with bees as role model depending upon your taste and ingenuity.

There can be greater technological breakthrough ideas too.
Think of bees as storage of energy in one place ‘colony’ that can be utilized for harnessing power. Think of modern uses of bees.

Apitherapy is an area fast developing and we find it interesting in the wellness sector that is a multi billion dollar industry today.

Bee venom cure for several human diseases including destruction of cancerous cell is a revealed fact.

Use of pollen to create energy cell is a research that has found applicable solutions using pollen.

Global bee experts can join us to provide technology that can be passed on to willing entrepreneurs for mutual benefit. Let us not be obsolete in our technology. Learn from others and add value.

Let us work to make your ideas to working plan and making it an enterprise for you.
What we do:
We have a collection of information and technology on bee related enterprises that willing entrepreneurs can work and profit with, we giving global support.

Join the Global Bee Village to make your dream come true to be a bee entrepreneur. Here at Global Bee Village you are not alone. Togetherness is our strength.
We are with you as we are to have more bees and more people to come forward for bee keeping and associated product development.

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