A farm near Al Ain

We paid a visit to a farm near Al Ain. There are palm tree producing dates, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers… A lot of vegetables that are benefiting from a better pollination done by bees. We explained the “bee values” program to the owner that immediately understood the benefits for his farm and the increase in revenue that can be achieved. One of the big advantage of this site is that no chemicals are used. The owner is already doing full organic.

He’s now impatient to start getting beehives on his property and to spread the word to his fellow farm’s owners.

We saw a large number of farms on the way there, from small to quite large that are great candidate for the deployment of more beehives.

Meetings with the department of climate control and environment went great so we are optimist

Palm trees near Al Ain

Palm tree with dates

Palm tree with dates

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