Bee Incubation Farm

Apiculture Incubation Farm

From ‘Global Bee Village’ expertise we move to set up
Apiculture Incubation Farm in Dubai

A model bee farm (apiary) as a foundation for show casing
Sustainable scientific bee keeping with total solution for educating and
creating awareness on bee values deploying bees to the farms, training and giving full support to farmers.

We seek your support

We accept contributions from all well- wishers for this novel project.

Here is our team who inspires the project

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  1. Why this project? (When there are so many bee projects!)

Bees are declining all over the world. US reports 30 to 50% bee decline every year making an annual loss of $15 billion worth food crops. This is happening for over a decade now.

The world scenario is not better. Bees declining is the erosion of economy of a nation. It is one leading to poverty and scarcity.

Bees are needed for pollination of our crops. Everything we eat and wear and even the water we drink and air we breathe are connected to bee population on this earth. When bees are not there, our ecosystem perishes.

Lesser the bees, we face acute shortage of food, with increase in the prices of everything. It can affect our clothing. It can affect the water we drink. The purity of air too gets affected with lesser bees.

The project is to save, protect and care bees while creating basic awareness – education  to farmers’ right in the field who takes responsibility.

2. Why the project in Dubai?

Dubai is the abode of many firsts in the world.

There lives more than 200 nationalities in Dubai working and doing business.Dubai is the hub for world business and is an ideal place to make percolate this critical environmental project for the whole world.

3. How is it different?

It is different from all other projects as it is to give total solution for bee keeping making a system to work and propagate, providing a sustainable solution.

This is to create a long-term effect in the preservation of environment and also to save the future generations who could be deprived of water and air for want of more bees.

The project directly promotes entrepreneurs and make entrepreneurs thrive. It is a sure way of giving more job opportunities too.

4. How will it help?

It helps to have more bees and making a nation abundant in food and strong in economy.

  1. What do ‘Bees for Us Project’ do?

It simply breeds more bees and show case.

  • Educates children in bee values
  • Creates awareness in public on what bees do for us
  • Deploy bees in farms increasing productivity and also making farmers have additional income from bee products.
  • Encourage entrepreneurs to have Entrepreneurial Cells that propagates bees and bee culture that needs care.
  • Helps provide ample job opportunities.

Bees are more than just insects that make honey for us. It is preserving the earth with its cohesive fiber “pollination” that shapes it in all its beauty.

Join us in this project with any support you can from any part of the world. 

Even a $5 contribution is a big amount when many do it with love. Don’t hesitate to make it now.

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